Now I’m Really Flummoxed!

If anyone still reads my blogs, could he or she tell me what’s going on? I read on the web that it was South Korea that fired first in the confrontation with North Korea. And if that’s true, the world has gone totally mad.

I’m sure you know the South Korean “military exercises” are actually an American thing. The South Koreans are firing U.S.-made bullets with U.S.-made guns under the protection of a U.S.warship (photo above). And there’s an American crew totaling more than 6,000 on the warship.

So what’s up?

Why is America provoking North Korea – and China?

Doesn’t Uncle Sam have enough on his plate fighting a stubborn recession at home and blowing up people in far-flung places from Iraq and Afghanistan to Pakistan and Yemen?

According to Congress, America can’t afford to help its unemployed or feed its hungry kids. As for us old folks – well we’re living way too long and they’re going to have to do something drastic to Social Security and Medicare. But you will notice that Congress always seems to find more money to buy bombs and bullets.

Now it looks like those crazy politicians are blithely preparing to expand U.S. military commitments again.

Obviously, there’s lots of money somewhere.

The Fed is showering the banks with more cash than they know what to do with.

American corporations had the most profitable year in history. Trading on the stock market has been robust.

But there are no jobs to be had.

Meanwhile, the French have taken to the streets.

And the Irish have taken to the streets.

They’re mad as hell and they’re not taking it any more.

And Americans?

Why, they’re still digesting their Thanksgiving turkey.