Now it Has to be Warren


Wall Street has given Hillary no choice. Now, she has to pick Elizabeth Warren as her  running mate. By threatening to “cut her off,” if she selects Warren, Wall Street is forcing the Democratic flag bearer to show her true colors.

Give in to Wall Street, and she would be telling America that Bernie was right, that she is in the pockets of the Big Money crowd. Pick Warren and she would give the lie to such accusations and repair her damaged public image.

With historically high disapproval ratings, Hillary needs to do something dramatic to restore the voters’ trust.

Of course, I blame the vicious right-wing campaign of the past decade for Hillary’s poor poll numbers. I can’t think of anyone who has been the victim of so many bizarre lies. But she didn’t help her cause when she took so much money for delivering speeches to stockbrokers.

If the Sanders/Trump phenomenon proved one thing it’s that millions of Americans have had it with political domination by the rich – especially those Wall Street financiers. Bernie may be yesterday’s news, but Trump is still around.

Hillary can’t afford to give him more mud to sling at her.

Some big donors are arguing that Trump is unelectable anyway and there’s no need for Hillary to make concessions to progressives. The donors are trying to push Hillary back to the center.

I suppose that would gain a few moderate Republican votes, but it would lose a lot more on the left.

As I see it, a better strategy for Hillary is to be boldly progressive, winning over some of those Bernie supporters and reassuring middle-class Americans that she is unequivocally on their side.

Wall Street’s threat