Now, Predators are Targeting the Postal Service

If you’re wondering what the Republicans and their pals are really up to, you might want to read about the crusade being waged to dismantle and privatize the United States Postal Service.

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You’ve watched political predators go after Social Security and Medicare. You’ve seen them sabotage attempts to curb the ghoulish profiteering in the “health care” industry.

Now, watch as they try to tear the postal service apart and sell it off to their billionaire friends.

Here’s an excerpt from a Truthout article by Rose Aguilar, discussing rallies being held across the country by the postal workers union:

The USPS says radical changes must be implemented in order to save the organization up to $3 billion a year. The plan is to eliminate 220,000 full-time jobs and shut down 3,700 post offices and 300 processing centers by 2015, scale back services and cut retirement benefits. Since 2007, the USPS has cut 110,000 jobs. Since January, 280 post offices have closed.

Cliff Guffey, president of the American Postal Workers Union, which represents 220,000 employees in the clerk, maintenance and motor vehicle crafts, called the changes a “reckless assault on the Postal Service and its employees. Crushing postal workers and slashing services will not solve the Postal Service’s financial crisis.”

Guffey says the plan “ignores the fact that the USPS has massive surpluses in its pension accounts. The overpayments could and should be used to resolve the Postal Service’s cash crisis”….

Gray Brechin, project scholar of the Living New Deal Project at UC Berkeley’s Department of Geography who has written extensively about the history of the USPS, says … it’s a manufactured crisis. “This is about dismantling the Postal Service, getting rid of unions, privatization, and selling post office buildings to developers.”

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This “manufactured crisis” is typical of the way these predators operate. The underlying strategy is based on the “Shock Doctrine.” And it calls for destruction as a prelude to a takeover by predators.

Now you know why Republicans are undermining every effort the president makes to rescue America’s economy. They want the economy to fail. It’s not just because economic failure would help them defeat Barack Obama and the Democrats next year. They also see it as opportunity to dismantle the federal government so their billionaire pals can scavenge the pieces and grow even richer.

The assault on the people’s assets comes close to the level of a civil war. The American taxpayer is under attack as privatization initiatives proliferate – from education and child care to the operation of public parks and mass transit. (And in the Third World, the predators are even trying to privatize water supply systems.)

Master thieves masquerading as politicians and businessmen are systematically targeting government institutions under the pretense of “free-market” reform.

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I suspect some of the shady characters who were massively enriched by America’s 2008 financial collapse and subsequent bank bailout might be among the ones seeking to fill their pockets again through  “privatization” of America’s public services.

It’s no wonder people are taking to the streets in protest. Their country is under attack.