International Reggae Crooner George Nooks Release His Long Awaited Tribute To Rock Steady Album Titled ‘For You’ Executive Produced by Tads Dawkins
For an esteemed veteran and a brilliant singer, with warm vocals, George Nooks is capable to deliver any genre of music while captivating a wide array of music lovers. Over the course of a 40-year career, George Nooks has poured his smooth voice on sound systems, gospel tracks to Reggae ballads. Now delivering a highly anticipated Lovers Rock tribute, it is to no surprise why his album titled “For You” will stimulate the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

nternational Reggae Crooner George Nooks Release His Long Awaited Tribute To Rock Steady Album Titled 'For You' Executive Produced by Tads Dawkins 1

The 16 track album kicks off with Give My Love A Try, which sets the tone for the remaining tracks to come. Followed by “Chance of A Life Time” written and produced by George Nooks, gives you a romantic – reggae sound, highlighting the lustful groovy sounds delivered like a seasoned singer. Each track stands out on their own, showcasing the great writing ability of George Nooks, who wrote 10 heart felt  tracks, which will resonate with listeners. The title track ‘For You’ is a perfect love ballad, portrayed on a lovers rock canvas allowing listeners to connect as the rhythm stimulates them musically. The lead single ‘Love Light‘, a modern take on Dennis Browns classic cut, delivered with true honour, is currently garnering traction on international airwaves in US and UK.

‘For You’, executive produced by Tad Dawkins,highlights  a musical composition that accompanies Mr Nooks vocal as the pace or tempo of each track arrangement delivers an overall feel of warmth, intimacy and endearment. This album also provides a tone of enlightenment and hope with tracks like ‘Don’t Burn Your Bridges‘ and ‘Sunny Days’.

Displaying his versatility and talent over 16 – tracks, the music community will cherish the timeless sounds of George Nooks captivating voice.

“For You is a Lovers Rock album, which I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. So I connected with Tad’s Record to make this project a reality. Its a Reggae Lovers Rock album and I am sure that all my fans worldwide will love it. Reggae, Lovers Rock and Gospel are my first love” says George Nooks.

The album ‘For You’ is now available on all major download platforms.




For You – Track listing

  1. Give My Love a Try
  2. Chance of a Lifetime
  3. Someone Special
  4. For You
  5. Let’s Make Love
  6. God Bless Our Love
  7. How Long
  8. Come a Long Way
  9. Love Light
  10. My Heart is Gone
  11. Don’t Burn Your Bridges
  12. I Remember You
  13. Rain Drops Under
  14. Sunny Days
  15. Out of My Mind
  16. Over You

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