Obama’s shifting sands

Several weeks ago, I told a gathering for Obama faithfuls that at least 30% of them wouldn’t be around for the long run. Of course they laughed me to scorn.

But here is the thing, Obama might not be doing as well as he should, and while many would put that down to America’s racism, Obama and his faithful are factors in his sluggishness.
McCain claims to be a military genius but he ceded both the center and the high ground to Obama. If one studies military history, more often than not, he who fails to grab these two usually fails. It’s easier to hold the center than to retake it. Of course, General Custer is an exception. He did hold the center and the high ground… but was surrounded.

Obama seems to be moving too much of his forces to the center and forgetting his flank… in this case his Left flank. In order to be everyman to everybody, Obama’s positions are shifting dangerously like quicksand and now he appears too much like he is influenced by poll numbers.

Now, while understandable in such as American politics, this constant adjusting and re-adjusting, make it seems that Obama is abandoning the very core group that brought him to prominence… those who believe he stands for change, and is not just another Washington hack.

Case point. When Obama even hints that he might be willing to accept offshore drilling as part of his energy plan, I’m sure that a lot of the environmentals and the ‘looney-left’ started to have second thoughts. His shift actually jolted me.

If Obama doesn’t start to hold firm to his positions in the primaries, many supporters will be abandoning his ship, and when you think of America’s racist bent, smooth sailing isn’t a certainty. With so many racists democrats crossing to McCain, Obama cannot afford left-sided democrats fleeing to Nader, as they did with Gore and Kerry.

The Obama team ran a very smart and deliberate campaign to defeat Clinton and I’m sure that they are very clever fellows. But one can be too smart for ‘OUR’ own good. ‘Our’, because we the people of America… nay, the world, cannot afford another 4 years of republican misery.