Ocean Style TV Secures US DirectTV Deal

OCEAN STYLE TV has announced a deal that will put its 30 minute TV show into 44 Million Households in the US via DirecTV, Comcast Detroit, Cox Cable Las Vegas and broadcast stations in Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, Austin, Dallas, Jacksonville and Tallahassee.

The show will start to air in October in a prime slot on Thursday at 830pm with repeats on Sundays at 4pm.

Ocean Style TV is an extension of Ocean Style Magazine, the fashion and lifestyle publication.

OCEAN STYLE TV host Chie Davis said: “I was extremely excited when I found out we had secured the DIRECTV and US Distribution deal.  When we started this project it was always something we spoke about aspiring toward.  To have secured it in the first season is fantastic.”  The LA-based host added “I believe it really shows how much interest there is in the Caribbean as a destination.”

The TV show takes an avant-garde approach to haute couture, luxury travel, fine dining, beauty, high art and entertainment – all seamlessly woven into the exquisite Caribbean lifestyle. Fueled by engaging profiles of designers, artists, tastemakers, and celebrities, the 30-minute show is coupled with a worldly mix of travel adventures, runway showcases, fine living features, as well as up close and personal behind the scenes segments.

The mission of Ocean Style TV is to provide an insider’s view of the rich and diverse culture of a Caribbean that far exceeds a tourist’s imagination.

“Aside from the tremendous effort in the production and editing, a lot of hard work has taken place behind the scenes in securing various distribution and partnership deals all aimed at developing Ocean Style TV as a vibrant and dynamic platform for showcasing, as we like to say, ‘the good life in the Caribbean’.  We look forward to sharing more of that in the very near future.”  VP Broadcast Media, Kibwe Mcgann.