Of Blue Moons and Other Great Things

Hello Friends,

The full moon we will experience on August 31st is technically a blue moon—the second full moon in a month. How fabulous is that? We get to celebrate the power of transformation that a full moon signifies and harness the hopeful energy of anticipation, not once but twice for the month—what good fortune!

Some of us lost our belief in good fortune back when we stopped believing in the tooth fairy. In fact, many of us don’t ever expect a sequence of wonderful things to happen to us. My experience has been that the more we expect things to go well, the more they do. But the challenge is finding the strength to hope our way through the belly bottom of a difficult situation.

This blue moonish kind of hope is what Althea Smith must have had while she sweated in the heat of a tropical sun, selling newspapers to earn a living and put her daughter Neveta through primary and high school, then later university. What in the world would make a newspaper vendor think that she could ever put her child through medical school? In turn Neveta not only studied hard, but helped her mother sell newspaper, even while she was in college, and guess what? A few years ago Neveta graduated from the University of the West Indies School of Medicine!

Althea and Neveta had to have believed in the delight of a blue moon—not just one good thing working out for them, but one after the other after the other.

During the blue moon that is around the corner, let’s take a moment to imagine the sequence of great things we’d love to experience but think is quite impossible—let’s just imagine.

Read more about Althea and Neveta’s story here:


– Coach Andrea