Oh No! Not Again!


Don’t tell me we’re headed back to to the days when Americans (and Canadians) built bomb shelters in their basements and hoarded canned foods and other supplies in preparation for the Apocalypse.

I just read a Reuters story, quoting crazy Vladimir Putin as saying:

I want to remind you that Russia is one of the leading nuclear powers.

So watch out. The shadow of The Bomb could be making a comeback.

Putin was showing off (as he is wont to do) at a pro-Kremlin youth camp but even so, his “reminder” amounts to a challenge to those Pentagon saber rattlers. They’re sure to respond that America is also a “leading nuclear superpower.” And there are American politicians who are eager to match Putin’s bluster with their own. I wouldn’t be surprised if John McCain, for example, were to urge the US to drop the first Bomb.

It might sound absurd to you and me but there are those who seriously contemplate a nuclear showdown.

Fortunately, President Obama is not one of them.

He is already being criticized for his reluctance to wage war. His lack of a Syrian “strategy” is attracting almost as much fire as his choice of a light-colored suit for his press conference.

But I am relieved to see him taking a cautious approach to the world’s complex conflicts. I know what it’s like to dig into a nest of hornets. That’s what I did on Thursday and I am still nursing the lumps all over my hands, arms, face and body.

Of course I do not know what it’s like to engage in a nuclear war. And I don’t want to know.

I would much rather endure Putin’s threats, galling though they undoubtedly are.

But I don’t think the rest of the world should have anything more to do with Russia. Putin seems to be some kind of mad dog and we should take his advice and not “mess” with him. Nor should we trade with him or allow him to take part in the global financial system.

This dangerous megalomaniac must be quarantined for the world’s safety.

And in the meantime, America would be wise to keep its nuclear arsenal on high alert – just in case.

Click for the Reuters story.