Oiver – ‘Who A Did Don’

Every now and then, in the world of entertainment, there comes a production that changes the way people are entertained. The movie “ET,” the music video “Thriller” and the Oprah Winfrey Show come to mind. Oliver Samuels O.D. is set to create history with this dynamic piece called “Who A Di Don.”

Over the last twenty years, on the island of Jamaica, the concept of ‘donmanism’ has been tightly woven into the fabric of society and everyday life, particularly in the ghettos of the Inner Cities, popularly known as ‘Garrisons.’

Written by Oliver Samuels – Jamaica’s most revered comedian, this piece masterfully combines his belly cramping comedy with jaw dropping drama. “Who A Di Don” is a powerful look at both the glorified lavish side of ‘donmanism’ and its ugly side, where murder and extortion collide. Can so much drama be mixed with comedy? Come find out, as Oliver and a multi-talented cast, tackle social issues in this most unique theatrical production. This one is a must see. “Come See How Oliver Deal With the Garrison Don Dem!”