Oliver & Shebada ‘2 For 1’ Theater A Hit!

Irish and Chin has received an overwhelming response to the explosive Oliver/Shebada “2 for 1” stagings in the Tri-State area Thanksgiving weekend, especially from New York theatergoers. It seems as if the first ever combination of Oliver and Shebada, which bridges a generation gap of Jamaican theater fans, is a bonafide hit! As a result, the Caribbean entertainment promotions company is officially responding to their loyal customers by adding a matinee 2 pm staging of the Oliver/Shebada hit plays “Who a Di Don” and “De Wedding Scamma” on Sunday, November 25 in York College. Now, patrons have Oliver and Shebada at their fingertips ALL DAY, with a matinee 2 pm staging of the hit plays and a late 7 pm staging. Irish and Chin aims to please! Adding to the excitement, Tri-state theatergoers can also take in “2 for 1” Oliver and Shebada stagings in East Orange, New Jersey on Friday, November 23 (Campus High School) and in Hartford, Connecticut on Saturday, November 24 (Weaver High School).

According to Events Manager Ronald Fraser, “Phones have been ringing off the hook since the announcement of’ ‘2 for 1’ was made in September, so it was a no-brainer that we needed to accommodate patrons by adding an additional show. Now, more people will have a chance to witness this very historical moment in Jamaican theater, Oliver and Shebada for the first time.”

With tickets selling out, Irish and Chin encourages Tri-state theater fans to act fast by securing tickets in one of three convenient ways: online, retail outlets or ticket delivery (Irishandchin.com/theater). Based on the many emails, hits in the social media and calls flooding the office, fans are thrilled that Irish and Chin has pulled off securing two of Jamaica’s most popular actors (legendary and new) in one night. The promotions company, thrilled by the response, regularly explains to fans that it was something they HAD to do for Tri-state theatergoers.

“Our ambition is to raise the bar in regards to how theater has been traditionally promoted,” explains Irish and Chin Co-owner Garfield “Chin” Bourne eagerly. “In doing so, often time we look to present a style of theater and events that have never happened before.”

While there is a whirlwind of anticipation for the Oliver/Shebada “2 for 1” stagings Thankgiving Weekend, Irish and Chin already has plans in tact for their next theater promotion of the red hot new play “Scandal” featuring an all-star cast that includes none other than Garfield “Bad Boy Trevor” Reid, Christopher “Johnny” Daley of Lime Tree Lane, Michael “Stringbean” Nicholson, Abigail “Babalita” Grant, Belinda Reid and Trudy Campbell.