OMI Celebrates Mothers’ Worldwide

“Conceived in your womb, like a flower I bloom, how you do what you do, you are a super woman!” These are the opening lines to OMI’s newest single ‘My Old Lady’, which he dedicates to his own mother, Rachel Pasley and all mothers’ around the world. OMI was raised by his mother, who became a single parent after losing his father, role model and musical inspiration, to emphysema when he was only nine years old.

A lyrical prowess and rising star in his own right, OMI reminisced about his childhood experience noting fond memories with the “old lady in his life”. “What can I say, after my father died she was my only inspiration, we were very close and being the wash belly (youngest) of four children, my fondest memories were with her, her caring hands when I was sick, her patience and how she fed and clothed us with the little she had, she will always be my old lady,” he said.

The song is a heartwarming ballad and an inspiration to all mothers who show selfless devotion and commitment to their children. ‘My Old Lady’ demonstrates a different side to the singer, who was introduced and is still popularly known for his breakthrough, up-tempo chart topper ‘Cheerleader’ and follow-up singles ‘All Threes’ and ‘Fireworks’.

‘My Old Lady’ which was written by OMI and produced under the Oufah Media and Productions label, was released online over the weekend (April 19). The single will be placed on radio rotation this week, to meet the worldwide Mother’s Day celebrations on May 12.