On the 12th. day of Christmas a Jamaican gives to you – Determination

As we take down the Christmas  tree, and put away the decorations, look what we found under the tree, unwrapped, waiting to bless you.

  It is the gift of determination.

This wonderful gift is given by a a teenager.


Her name is Kayla Moffett.

She is just 13 but possess a deep determination to develop her God-given capabilities, and her numerous awards are testimony to her commitment to excellence.  Let’s see what wisdom this young lady has to share.



As I begin this New Year, I cannot help but reflect on 2009 and the many challenges I faced in trying to stand up for what are right and not compromise just to be accepted. I choose to stand firm on my beliefs, knowing that I would not be popular among my peers.



When asked, why I choose to act the way I do, I firmly say, “I am not acting, I am living my normal life that I am not going to change for anyone” Doing what’s right always pays off. Ben Carson is one of my role models and despite his ridicule, look where he is now.



I will not give up or give in but always push myself to succeed to the best of my ability because ultimately, the end results can prove rewarding. I have reaped many great rewards at age 13 and the best is yet to come.


I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.

Thomas Alva Edison