On the 6th. day of Christmas, a Jamaican gives to you – the Courage of Love

If you live on the East coast of the USA as I do  this last week-end before Christmas  is smothered by a major snow storm. You are probably snuggled into some warm spot in the house savoring a cup of your hot favorite beverage, wishing you were in Jamaica.


If you are a business owner, you are having heart palpitation as this the busiest shopping day of the season  has been wiped out in a blizzard.

Snowy Saturday has replaced Super Saturday.

In a weak economic year, when you are struggling to make it into the black , you see the legs of your balance sheet slipping like a cartoon character on the icy  side walks.

Can this week-end be redeemed?


One of my spiritual mentors shared a story that may provide us with a fine possibility.


A wizened old man found himself next to a young lady on a bus.  In his hands were a fresh,  beautiful bouquet of flowers .  The young lady had a longingly stare at the bouquet.It was quiet evident to the old guy that the young lady coveted his gift.


At the next bus stop , the old man placed the flowers in the lap of the young lady, and muttered “I know my wife would have wanted me to give  you  these.”


With that said, he stepped off the bus.

The shocked young lady looked back to see where her benefactor was heading.

He was slowly entering the cemetery gates at the out skirts of town.


Sharing love takes a lot of courage.  We come up with catch phrases such as luv u to share a sentiment, but it is devoid of much depth. It is particularly  challenging for us men as we are not into this “mushy” stuff.

Can you imagine two guys saying I love you without tongues wagging?

But the irony of it all is that sharing love makes one vulnerable, and it takes lots of courage.


Want to give a gift that will be most memorable this Christmas?

Give the gift of courageous love.  It will be remembered for a lifetime.


You actually would be in good company as, that is the essence of Christmas.

God took on the vulnerable form of a baby to express his love. 

But before you think I am preaching rather than blogging, let me share this means of remembering what love is all about.


The authorship of this piece is Dennis Waitley.

L – Listen when another is speaking

O – Overlook their petty  faults and forgiving all failures

V – Valuing other people for who they are

E– Express your feelings in a practical manner.


Yes, courageous love is the most priceless and rare gift