On the fourth day of Christmas….

On the fourth day of Christmas, an extra ordinary Jamaican gave to me:

The drive of entrepreneurship.

Although I have been involved in various business activities for a long as I can remember, it has been about four years since I made the decision to leave my corporate job and start my own company. This move was driven by the desire for self actualization. Leaving a stable paycheck, great co-workers and 11 years of tenure with one company was perhaps one of the scariest things I’d ever done. And yet looking back, it was the defining moment not only of my career, but of my personal development as well.


The fact is, I am now so captivated by the spirit of entrepreneurship that I could never go back. I am hopelessly, incurably, unemployable.While it is often said that past experience as an entrepreneur is no guarantee of future success, I believe that my journey to date has contributed positively to my growth in business.

 .As I reflect on the many ventures that I have been associated with, I am convinced that my strategic management and leadership skills have improved over time as a result of these experiences.


I see a bright future for entrepreneurship in the Jamaican context. Technology and innovation are transforming our daily lives and forcing structural changes to achieve greater productivity. From an economic perspective, this will be good for Jamaica in the long term. Entrepreneurs will play a major role in shaping our country’s 21st  century’s economic landscape.

Aldain Reid


A Serial Entrepreneur




Always on the lookout for the next big thing.

 Busy creating jobs and opportunities for my fellowmen.

 Giving God thanks for small mercies.


What’s your questions regarding you entrepreneurial capability?