On the second day of Christmas, a Jamaican gave to me.
A Loaf of Bread - a cherished gift

Bread has always been a powerful image of the sustenance of life. For those of us from the Christian community, the stories of the provision of manna in the Old Testament and the five loaves of the New Testament are been nurtured in our hearts.

This spirit of healthy sustenance has powered the passion of Healthy Treasures Bakery. Since 2005, it has been providing the “staff of life” for many faithful clients in the Baltimore, Silver Spring, Washington, Frederick, New York and Virginia areas.

A Table of healthy & Delicious Delight

This small bakery produces homemade style breads, loaves and other delectable and mouth-watering desserts. The breads are all made with complete whole grain flours and unbleached, unbromated flours, in addition to RAW ORGANIC agave nectar! The use of this natural sweetener allows for product consumption by diabetics and those who are watching their sugar intake.

Absolutely no artificial flavors, preservatives or adulterated ingredients are used in the breads. You will find a wide variety of bread beyond manna and the five loaves.

In addition, there are the well sought after Vegan Pumpkin Spiced Loaves and the Organic Sweet Potato Loaves (kissed with a touch of Coriander and Laced with Jamaican Ginger that is tempered by the Organic Evaporated Cane Juice and the South African Red Rooibois Tea), translated, they are out of this world.

If you are in the Washington metro region, the Potomac Adventist Book Center in Silver Spring is your shopping place. If you are elsewhere, find us on the web.
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Gift by Ms. Gillian Russell, left, Attorney by day, super baker by night

Remember the saying, ‘When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other’.