Our Greatest Danger is from Our Closest Ally

America is in great danger. I am not talking about al Qaida or Islamic extremists – or any of the enemies that seek to harm Americans; I am talking about this nation’s closest ally – Israel.

I see Binyamin Netanyahu as the most dangerous person in the world today.

The Israeli prime minister is hell bent on dragging America into another Mideast war, one that will likely end any hope of global economic recovery.

The Israeli hawks are so eager to attack Iran that an American Jewish newspaper editorially suggested that assassinating President Obama might be one way to assure U.S. support for this course of action.

Driven by an irrational paranoia, Netanyahu has come to Washington to demand that America join Israel in an attack on Iran if the recent imposition of severe economic sanctions fail to stop that country’s uranium enrichment program.  President Obama would prefer to wait and see if Iran pursues development of a nuclear weapon.

Of course the sanctions will fail.

Sanctions will only make the Iranian regime more resolute in following its destructive path. Sanctions will also breed animosity among the Iranian people as they will be the ones who suffer.

A more effective approach to the Iranian threat would be to subversively help the people of that country rid themselves of their country’s oppressive regime. But with the enormous power that Israel holds over American politicians, such a policy seems out of the question. America is being inexorably pushed into military involvement.

The Islamic tyrants who have seized power do not represent the Iranian people.  Many Iranians have been martyred protesting against the regime of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. And many more are ready to give their lives resisting the regime’s tyranny. America should encourage revolt, instead of adding to the misery inflicted on the Iranian people by their government.

America and Israel would be smarter to infiltrate Iranian society and work covertly to overthrow the suicidal maniacs in charge.

Dropping bombs on innocent civilians would be futile  as well as cruel.

Photos above show Iranian protesters, left, and the death of protest martyr Neda Agha-Soltan, right.

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