Out on a Limb Again with a Dire Prediction

Here I go climbing way out on a limb, and if someone saws it off, trust me, it won’t be the first time. I am predicting the following scenario:

Hillary and Barack end up essentially tied as far as the number of pledged delegates is concerned. The worldly wise super delegates end up brokering the nomination. So, naturally, they give the nod to Hillary. Here’s what they tell Barack:

“Young fella, you’ve got many more years. Hillary is 60 years old! This is her last kick at the cat. So why don’t you just bide your time like a good boy? Why not take the vice president’s job for the next 8 years? Then you can get your turn as president. Being vice president is a piece of cake. The work is light, the hours are good and the pay ain’t bad. You could spend the time writing a few books, or making a movie like Al Gore. You could win a couple more Grammy awards, an Oscar or two and maybe even a Nobel Peace Prize. Think of the lecture fees you can command after all that!”

The trouble with that scenario is that the deal might deflate the enthusiasm Barack has engendered and folks like me might smirk cynically and stay home in November. Result: you-all get John McCain as the next President. And Sandra and I move to Canada.