Ova Mi Dead Body featuring Delcita – Canada Tour: July 15 – 17, 2011

Lolita Entertainment Presents “ Ova Mi Dead Body Featuring Delcita”

“Ova Mi Dead Body” is Stages Productions’ latest groundbreaking production. The play boasts an ensemble of top-flight actors and is written and directed by Paul O. Beale

“Ova Mi Dead Body” explores a number of typical significant issues affecting Delcita’s family. These issues include single parenting, child abuse, and the death of a loved one. The play tells the very comedic story of Delcita as a widow struggling to make ends meet after the death of her husband. Melcita is her teenage daughter, hidden from her father due an unfavourable social situation. She suffers from an eye condition which if not treated will later lead to blindness and Delcita is adamant that Melcita’s sight must be saved.  This motivates Delcita to leave Melcita with Milton and his common law wife (Mildred) as she jets off to New York in search of money for Melcita’s eye surgery. Upon her return to the island, she is confronted with the death of her husband and reality of not knowing whether he had made a will.

Melcita, having suffered the abuse of Milton and cantankerous Mildred, is now left with the daunting prospect of bleak financial outlook. While all this is happening Stamma, Delcita’s baby father, escapes from prison, having served two years for being innocently convicted of a serious crime. How will he take the news of Delcita marrying while he was in prison?

As Delcita advances her search for the will, Milton presents a will which makes him the sole beneficiary of his brother and Delcita’s deceased husband’s estate. All hell breaks loose and a family war ensues between the fraud ridden Milton Senior and the persistent Delcita. Delcita eventually finds a will. The question is, who is now in possession of the legal will?

The cast is lead by Andrea Wright (Delcita), Michael Nicholson (Milton), Trudy Bell (Melcita), Belinda Reid (Mildred), Stede Flash (Stamma) and Donald Thompson (Mr. Sharp). As Stages continues its tradition of telling a powerful story in an entertaining manner, “Ova Mi Dead Body” clocks in as being among the best that Stages Productions has produced to date.

Performance Dates And Details:


Ellas Banquet Hall
35 Danfort Rd,
Scrborough, ON
Time: 8:00 PM


Don Bosco S. S.
2 Saint Andrews Blvd
Etobicoke, ON
Time: 8:00 PM


Sperenza Banquet Hall 510
Deerhurst Dr, Brampton, ON
Time: 4:00 PM & 7:30 PM

Admission ( Open Seating)
Advance : $40
Door : $45
Early Bird (Limited) $25