Overdosing on nyquil

Order was slowly being restored… then I walked into a wall… the flu. Man, am I the only person suffering from this? I feel so crushed. Last weekend I ingested so much cough medicine, I could have easily been running a Nyquil drip. That surely can’t be a good thing. But it was between chemical poisoning or getting that needle outta my throat

I was totally delirious “Ladies and Gentlemen… please welcome the president of the United States…. LoooWeee Davis, and his wife”. As it turned out, my wife wasn’t who I thought it would be, wished it would be, neither was it Michelle Obama. It actually looked like that octuplet woman, walking beside me…nude… just before she gave birth. A bottle of cough syrup does that to you.

And I’m still on it… a little better now, but not anywhere coherent. So please forgive if I say anything to offend you. But what the heck! I’ve offended so many people already, why offer a simple cold as my excuse?

In my recent detachment from all reality and communications, I missed a lot and I missed nothing. In other words, the more things changed, the more they remain the same. The economy is still in a turmoil, gas will top $2.00 by my next purchase, American soldiers will still be dying in far off places, sent by irresponsible leaders who had world domination on their minds, but who were more than reluctant to fight the wars themselves or even send their loved ones.

So let me start with Afghanistan. Obama has promised to wind down Iraq but continue Afghanistan as ‘our’ holy war. Let me repeat. America cannot win in Afghanistan. The British couldn’t, the Russians didn’t, America won’t… short of nuking the entire country… and even then. Look at their history. Many have tried, none has succeeded.

Afghanistan is not a virtuous war as they would like us to think. America had no right invading Afghanistan. Much of the world reluctantly fell in because of sympathy for 9/11 and because of a western dislike for the taliban (like, so many people wouldn’t be mad at Chris Brown if Rihanna was an ugly bitch). But legally and morally, America has no case.

The taliban is now regaining territory at a rapid pace and it will be only a matter of time before Karzai and/or others start to talk about making peace with them. Pakistan has already recognized the futility of fighting and has been negotiating truces. There’s too much internal pressure against supporting the US. Game, set, match to bin laden and the taliban.
I have argued before and remain unconvinced about American’s ability to find their way out of this economic swampland. The reasons still are about greed and stupidity. The signs I see tell that many Americans are still deluding themselves as to the depth of the problem and the necessity for them to take a personal disciplined approach to borrowing and spending.

Their stupid addiction to consuming is making many ignore the reality. Too many think think that the ‘poverty-thing’ doesn’t really apply to them… I won’t get sick, I won’t lose my job, the banks like me and won’t foreclose. They must be overdosing on Nyquil.

Saw a story about ‘retail crime grows with demand for discounts’ revealing that people still want to buy the expensive stuff only now at discount prices, even if the goods are stolen or knockoffs (though they won’t be telling their friends that). ‘To hell with morals… I want a Gucci’. Apparently the criminals have a better ‘finger on the pulse’ of real Americans than Barack Obama does.

I stood in line and judged the income brackets of people who were buying the most expensive cellies, with the salesperson confirming that most really couldn’t afford them, but their style consciousness wouldn’t be denied. For crike’s sake, it’s just a phone.

There are many pretty things I would like, but if its not earning its full cost almost immediately… bye f****ing bye.

Another story that illustrated the problem was about school lunches. In Alburquerque, New Mexico, students whose parents have been behind on paying fees for lunches, have been given cheese sandwiches and a drink instead of regular school lunch. This has caused an uproar with some saying that the sandwiches are a punishment for not paying, and others saying that it has stigmatized their children by making others know that they are poor.

On the other hand, there are those who thank the schools for finally clamping down on ‘delinquent parent’.

Like much of America, these people have lost all perspective. Getting a cheese sandwich on taxpayers bill is not punishment. It is still food. Times are tough, accept it. If you can’t find the money then you can’t find the money, but it’s no shame being poor. That’s a temporary position. Don’t be ashamed and don’t let your child feel ashamed.

Many parents feel shame if they don’t give their kids every shiny thing they whelp for… its about their status, even if we starve. We force ourselves to look like something we have not earned at the moment. Covetousness leads to envy leads to greed and it’s a slippery slope thereafter.

Trying to outdistance the Jones’ is a fool’s game.

As for those who give the impression that if the child was given no lunch assistance at all, it would delight them even more. Crunts.
Why can’t Americans accept without being a bitch about their tax dollars, that the state needs to help those who find themselves in bad shit. These are the very people who hand over tithes to their robber priests.

But the delusions continue… I suppose that’s the only thing that can keep the nightmares away.
While on the economy, take at look at the real estate page, I think its call BlockShopper, in the Sunday’s Sun-Sentinel. Look at the prices many of the houses are going for, who is buying and who is selling. Rife within section are prices of $0, or $100, foreclosure, Sellers-Broward County Circuit Court, Buyers financial services.

This is an indication of the housing market, where the sale price I nothing or a very small amount, the house is foreclosed upon, the local court or a bank is disposing of the property, or another financial related institution is buying.

One day, I’m going to go around to some of these properties and match the houses with the prices they have been sold for. I can safely bet in many cases, the properties are good properties which have to be greatly undersold to get rid of it.

When I see some of the bank-owned sales, I can’t get rid of the feeling that there are some insider stuff going on… probably illegal but at least immoral. Just like the old west, robber barons all.
Just glimpsed a headline about border security stopping a wave of people. Couldn’t help wondering which direction they were going.