Overheard at the Confessional

Father Karl: What brought you here today my son?

Confessor: Well, father, it’s the end of the year and I want to confess my sins before the year is out.

Father Karl: OK

Confessor: Well, I’m a dating a married woman.

Father Karl: And are you married, also?

Confessor: No, father, I’m single.  I’m in between relationships.

Father Karl: OK, my son, tell me how it all began from the beginning.

Confessor: Well, she interviewed me for a position.  However, I accepted a better offer for another position so I declined to accept her job offer.  Subsequently, we met again at an industry conference in Las Vegas and at another time in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  And we became fast friends.

Father Karl: Go on….

Confessor: Then, we met a few times over drinks…over bites…on the bed….

Father Karl: Go on….

Confessor: When she first visited my place and I invited her to my bed.  She was very hesitant.  She told me that she doesn’t want me to think that she’s easy.  She told me at the interview, I had her curiosity.  Then, at the conference, I had her attention.  She was drawn into me although she fought with all of her mind and soul.  She was getting weaker as her legs buckled in under her.  Eventually, she fell and she is unable to get up.

Father Karl: And your response?

Confessor: I told her not to worry because it’s not her being easy, it’s just me being good.  I told her not to blame herself.  It’s my fault for being irresistible.

Father Karl: Go on….

Confessor: And she insisted that she’s feeling very guilty.  And, suddenly, she exclaimed, “If loving you is wrong I don’t want to be right.”  Next, she pushed me on the bed.  She ravished me as she had her way with me.

Father Karl: My son….  It’s the New Year.  Going forward, put the incident behind you and sin no more.

Confessor: Thank you, father, for lending me your ear.

Father Karl: You’re welcome, my son.