Palin up in the polls as the Republican nominee…

Based on a poll in the USA today Palin is the choice for the Republican nominee for 2012 by Republicans and many are suprises. I am not. If Palin throws her hat in the race I think she will be the nominee in 2012 based on presidential primary schedule of the last election. The “educated” Republicans will not vote for her but they are in states that vote later in the primaries. After Florida it is normally over.

1. Iowa caucuses (Palin)
2. Wyoming county conventions (Palin)
3. New Hampshire primary (Other educated Republican)
4. Michigan primary (Palin)
5. Nevada caucuses (Palin)
6. South Carolina primary (Palin landslide)
7. Louisiana caucuses (Palin landslide)
8. Hawaii caucuses (Toss up)
9. Florida primary (Palin landslide)
10. Maine caucuses (Other educated Republican)
11. Alabama primary (Palin landslide)
12. Alaska caucuses (Palin landslide)
13. Arizona primary (Palin landslide)
14. Arkansas primary (Palin landslide)