Ok I saw this ad on TV the one which shows you when you have your first child worrying about everything under the sun. Then by your second you become a pro and you are much more relaxed.

I laugh every time  I see  it. Why?? Well I remember those days when I had my first child I was bad not as bad as giving people hand sanitizer before they touched the baby or to take off your shoes in the house but I was bad. I had lost a baby before in death a day after her birth so I had planned and really  wanted him so much that when he came I sought to give him anything I could afford. Crazy toys except anything with annoying sound. My nerves can’t manage it. I love peace. I still haven’t gotten used to excessive crying.  But do you notice is only your friends that don’t have children buy those annoying toys. Clothes etc. Writing in a baby book the whole nine yards. I mean I spent hours reading, writing and prepping. When he was born I did everything possible to make him happy. If he sneezed I jumped. Every doctors appointment I was there as scheduled for fear something may happen if he didn’t get his shots that exact day.

You know what I learned from my first child? All they want to do is be loved and fed and changed. They will play with a pot cover, a plastic dish and anything that makes noise.

Second time around there was no major shopping spree, no hoopla, no nothing, so much so that I am starting to feel guilty. I am not buying only Huggies, I am not rushing to buy the latest learning DVD, playing classical music baby cd, I am not rushing to the doctor every minute and his shots are a week overdue.  Unlike my other son who we have thousands of pictures of and who has been to every parish in Jamaica and have traveled outside if Jamaica  my last son has never been to far from home and has only been on possibly one small business trip and I can count the pics and I am not jumping to video tape every second of his life  Am I worried???  No. He will also be just fine. He will get to experience something later but at least this time around he will remember our vacations and trips and I won have to be sorting through a ton of video and pics to find the truly memorable ones.

My point is that sometimes a more relaxed approach is best. It will save you a whole lot of time and money and your stress level will be lower. Just love them, ensure their well being and they will be fine.