Part-Time Counselor

LOCATION: Mico University College, Kingston

Description: Complete Initial Assessment of new clients; Make inter-agency and intra-agency referrals; Design and implement treatment plans for children, adolescents, and adults from various clinical populations; Facilitate individual and family counseling; Facilitate crisis intervention; Participate in case management and consultation

Qualifications: Ability to integrate theory and research into the conceptualization of client issues; Ability to utilize DSM – IV TR to inform diagnoses; Ability to think critically and creatively in designing and implementing treatment protocols; Ability to work collaboratively within a multidisciplinary setting; Excellent interpersonal skills; Ability to self-reflect and critique his/her work; Ability to explore issues of difference/diversity in the therapy relationship; Minimum of first degree in Counseling, Psychology, or Social Work; Minimum 3 years experience in counseling, psychotherapy, or social work; Passion for working with youth with emotional and behavioral problems

Contact: Human Resources, Mico University College

Application Deadline: February 27, 2012