Peeping Tom

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Hey guys, this has been a busy month for me. I just entered a short film at the Nomading Film Festival as per the terms of conditions, I can’t show you the final video until the film festival shows it first in June. As soon as I’m allowed to, I will post it for you. Also, my Jamaican documentary shoot is coming up on May 23. I am still accepting donations. Please help my production out, I am doing this working overtime and with your donations. Thanks in advance.

staring eyes

I flew on the Embraer E190 (100 seats and two flight attendants) quite a bit this month. It’s a smaller jet and it gives passengers more access to the crew. On this particular trip I was flying up front. During service I noticed the passenger in 3C, an elderly man, was watching my every move. Now I do get used to people staring me, but this was unnatural. Every time I moved I could feel his beady little eyes on me. A few times I met his gaze and smiled tersely but politely. Just to let him know, dude I know you’re watching me. Cut it out. That didn’t help my case at all. Our eyes locked, but it didn’t make a bloody difference. I asked a few times, “Are you ok?” “When you change your mind about getting a drink let me know ok?” None of this made a bloody difference. Each time I emerged from the galley, there he was, watching like a jaguar stalking a gazelle.

old pervThen I just started to do things dramatically, because I was so darn uncomfortable. Obviously, I was putting on a show. I adjusted my stockings and pulled my skirt a few inches up my thigh. I didn’t notice if he got a boner when I did this. I did standing yoga stretches, extended my arms above my head and swan dived forward and just hung there with my butt up in the air. I walked to the back and got a piece of gum from the other flight attendant, walked back up front and blew bubbles and popped it very loudly. I put in eye drops even though my eyes weren’t dry at all. I rearranged the carts in the galley for no reason at all. Peeping Tom caught every moment of it. Weirdo!