Phenomenal Woman 2012 Chosen- Sandy Daley among top 5

The famous poet and civil rights activist Dr. Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman poem describes a woman embracing every aspect of her mind, body and soul. The Phenomenal Woman poem is a literary masterpiece and has been used throughout the years to help women unite in understanding that our bodies and intelligence are a testament to our phenomenal gifts. As an avid reader and writer throughout my youth and adulthood I’ve read phenomenal woman with a great appreciation for Angelou’s ability to tell stereotypes of the world “I’m beautiful in my own skin.” However a month ago after reading phenomenal woman I was stricken with a compelling urge to honor women who have discovered their phenomenal gifts and are using their talents for the greater good of their communities. This is how the phenomenal women article was born. In my search for phenomenal women I used a quote from Angelou’s phenomenal woman poem.

“I don’t shout or jump about or have to talk real loud. When you see me passing it ought to make you proud.”

All of the women chosen all covet special gifts that help drive, network and create opportunities for other women to flourish.

DC Women’s Issues Examiner, is thrilled to introduce you to Tisa Silver, Parthenia Warford, Denise Hendricks, Sandy Daley and Ebeth Johnson. All of these women have discovered their phenomenal gifts and are dedicated to given back to their communities. None of the women featured are boastful but their work speaks for their talents.

Sandy Daley – Location: Toronto, Canada

Sandy Daley is an award winning author, television professional and radio personality at Touch 106.1 FM in Boston. She also writes a syndicated column “Real Talk” which began in Street Hype Newspaper in 2007.Since then, her articles have been published in various magazines and newspapers, including the Jamaica Observer, Pride Magazine and The Bajan Reporter Online.

I was thrilled to include Sandy into the phenomenal women circle after hearing about her latest commitment to creating a program series entitled Chocolate Dollz. Sandy is currently the Executive Producer of the program and she’s working with several film and TV executives to make her dream become a reality. She hopes fans of her book “Whose Vagina is It Really?” and avid readers of her syndicated column will also be inspired by the television series, “Chocolate Dollz.” The series is based on her articles and books combined. The characters will be strong, independent and vulnerable women who are trying to remain in control of their lives.

“Too often, once women become mothers or wives or girlfriends, we lose our own individuality, and this show, similar to my column, will encourage women to reach for their own goals, even if the kids and husband are in tow, or even if they are single.”

The characters in Chocolate Dollz, her books and relationship advice in her syndicated column strongly focus on her commitment to helping women become empowered.

Sandy uses her current position as a newspaper columnist and radio host for the syndicated program “The Daley Grind” to help celebrate women. Her show consists of women guests who are launching products and nonprofits.

Sandy’s ability to rise above challenges is her phenomenal gift. “I have a never give up or die attitude, and that I believe has made a difference in my career accomplishments.”

“You have to be strong and focus on your goals and aspirations and be wiling to go the extra mile if need be.”

Sandy donates her books to women’s shelters in the U.S. and Canada and also volunteers her services as a guest speaker at events geared towards inspiring young women.

“I’m a phenomenally phenomenal woman because I’m confident and appreciative of the abilities and talents that have been bestowed upon me: my goal is apply them appropriately and to be a positive influence to others.”

Sandy’s dedication to inspiring women through relationship empowerment books, articles and radio shows have helped her receive numerous awards. In 2009 she was named the “Most Favorite Columnist” by the Queens Borough President’s office at Citi Fields in New York City. In 2010, Sandy’s book was included in the list of top 10 books published by Bookaphilia.

By Latraniecesa Wilson