Pickney International Youth Creative Club started by OAaSIS

The Pickney International creative youth club, by the OAaSIS International team is finally accepting applications for membership.

Following the deft impact of the creative workshop series, management of the OAaSIS International Foundation’s team founded the Pickney International Creative Youth club (PIcyc), after several requests to continue workshops as well as an increase in those seeking visits.

The creative workshop series are designed to sensitise youth on locations across Jamaica on the arts, and the club “keeps them exposed, empowered, trained, informed, guided” says founder Anthea McGibbon.

Everywhere the foundation has been so far have requested ongoing input of the entity, as well as requests are coming in other zones including individuals, she says.

Owing to the volume of work, and high demand for the Foundation’s workshops, the PI Creative Youth Club establishes continuum among the youth with the arts.
Pickney International (PI) is set up to provide wholesome artful entertainment for children that makes them JUST appreciate being youthful and placing growing up and adulthood in proper perspective.
Along with OAaSIS PI members stir the creative mind with clean fun, that continues way past slated sessions!!!

To join Pickney International Creative Youth club, an annual Ja$2,500/US35 fee covers buttons, stickers, newsletter, discounts on services such as workshops, private classes, activity sheets and certificates on successful completion, and purchase of material at participating locations. Tee shirts apply to specific around Kingston locations not requiring mailing/delivery of sheets.
In addition, activity sheets will be mailed to or delivered to all members to be done, and returned to the head office for marking. After successfully completing each level a certificate will be awarded. The activities reflect literary, performing, culinary, visual arts skills.

Sponsor a child/youth or wo today. Several youth have expressed an interest in being members, but being without funds, are in need of sponsors.. Please consider sponsoring. How about sending us a line.


PI SERVICES up for discounts:
(PI cater to children INTERNATIONALLY with varied products and services which include)
CLOWNS, craft, masks, WORKSHOPS, treasure hunt, magic tricks, BALLOON SHAPES, various rides, bOUnCEaBoUTS, rockclimbing, scooter, FACE PAINTING, paper sculpture, PAPER ART, papier mache, BODY PAINTING, games, games, games, GAMES, art classes, CREATIVE WORKSHOPS, Costumes, Props, HOUSE

PI Products:
teeshirts, photography, caps, flash cards, educational computer games

PI Mission:
Children should be children, They should enjoy each stage of growth, they should be motivated to learn and to develop achieving their full potential. STRIVE to keep them happy just the way they were meant to be…
FOR Application forms:
CONTACT for further information or an interview:
Founder Anthea McGibbon, 797-7297/305-648-6963; Leighton Levy, 561-4445; Melhanie Spence, 842-1496
Paralegal Secretary Dwane Forbes, 443-9443; Patrick James, 790-1941
PAYMENT: Please do not send cash in mail. Our National Commerical Bank account is at the Duke Street branch NCB account number #: 064666886
Send money order
Send by Western Union
Deliver in person
Aside from operating the not-for-profit OAaSIS, Anthea owns an independent media website on arts, creativity, culture. She works professionally as a consultant, writer, artist and legal leg worker.