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Jr. Pinchers Escapes Old Management Just In Time!

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Jr. Pinchers, son of the famed Pinchers “Bandelero”. We just learned has escaped his old management. Jr. Pinchers, who was available for brief comment was spotted in Miami, (not in connection with the Jamboree two weekends ago), and reportedly working with “Twinz Beatz” on a new album, his first in several years.

Sources have been able to slide me a copy of his new single entitled “Back Broke”, a club track that is years ahead of the traditional sounds we have come to love from Jr. Pinchers. The track is a fusion of House and “Slop-Hop”, (a term created by Twinz Beatz), to explain their distinctive sounds, and Jr.’s lyrics roll off his tongue to the delight of his fans. His undeniable style has morphed and grown over the years and shines on this track.

Trusted sources say Jr. Pinchers has been in the studio every day for several weeks. He recently took a 2 week break to cleanse his spirit and purged his system by fasting to regain focus on the source of his musical talent. After his fasting, and 20 pounds lighter, he completed a short and productive excursion here in the U.S. Several fans reported sightings of Jr. Pinchers as far north as Virginia. When asked about his cleansing Jr. Pinchers responded by saying

“I needed to cleanse myself of the stigma associated with South Florida after spending so much time not being productive. Having a chance to travel these states and the highway system, I have come to realize that second to Jamaica, south Florida provides me with the weather that most reminds me of my country.”

Asked what he was working on currently he would only respond;

JR. I am currently working with some very talented, next level producers who are doing some amazing things with arrangements, most I have never had the chance to work with. The vibe we have in the studio reminds me of my childhood, watching great artist like my father, “Pinchers” (the original idol), Beres Hammond, Capleton, and Sizzla Kalonji. Watching them lay down tracks was amazing and I can only hope that people will support my next project when it comes out.”

When we pressed him for more details he would only laugh and say;

Jr. “This is some next level ‘ting I am working on right now. We will have something for everyone, and that is all I am allowed to say, but…You can request my new single (he breaks into song delivering this line) “Whine till your Back Broke!”

He beems that island smile that lets you know there is way more he is not telling us.

Q. So,”How did you escape your old management just in time?” I ask, trying to get some meaty details. Jr. Pinchers’ smile disappears and he leans in as if this is the secret he has been waiting to tell, just me, all interview long.

JR.”I felt as if I was just standing still, stuck in a time warp. I could hear, feel, and see everything that was happening around me, but I could not interact with life. Life was just passing me by. As you grow, you realize that the older you get, the more you have much to learn.”

Q. What do you mean by that?”

JR. “I lost focus of the music, and because I lost focus so did my management. When I realized music was not the focus anymore, I was so far away from the music, that I could no longer even hear it anymore. Music is always and will always be about “the next project” and gradually over time, the focus on music for management just seemed to get further and further away. A lot of my fans might feel like I was a one hit wonder! ‘Cause they only got a sample of one ‘ting and I have a lot of music in me and powerful messages to bring forth to the world. “to me, missing music is more than missing your girlfriend, without music there is no life.”

Jr. (cont.) “That has all changed now since I signed on with SloppiShizzle Records, they don’t cater to the mainstream music scene, they just make good music that a lot of people like. Check out their Myspace page (with over 123,000 plays!) to see a small sampling of the tracks they have done. Another Artist they have worked with, Tubb City is blowing up now, not because the music is “popular” but because it was so different! Me in the studio non-stop and right now it feels like, the first time ever in the voice room!”

Look for his new single now and hit him up on myspace and follow his video diary on Youtube. He also just completed the photo shoot for “Back Broke” and you can see the full behind the scenes “coming soon” to ITunes as a digital booklet along with the single. His last words to his fans that he wanted me to print is;

“Keep listening to Jr. Pinchers, keep supporting SloppiShizzle Records and always expect the best and the different stuff from Twinz Beatz & Jr. Pinchers. I know ‘Da say that the skies the limit but you can look for us way above the sky! You can be guaranteed that I will give you my heart and represent Jamaica to the fullest as a second generation artist”

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