Planning for Success

One of the major traps of the holiday season is to lounge around, have a good time, and do no serious work. We get up late, watch TV, or catchup with friends on the phone, and before you know it, we have not invested any time in preparing ourselves for the upcoming year.


I invite you to start a new tradition or renew a great habit of setting aside some time for quiet contemplation of what goals and achievement you will like to accomplish in 2009.


I invite you to sit down with that yellow pad, index cards  and do some purposeful capturing, clarification, and confirmation of your 2009 goals.

Here is a great tool to help you to assess your strengths.

Great assessment tool


Another secret of success is accountablity.  Invite a friend to join you in this quest, and share with them your plans and how you would like to be held accountable.

I assure you, you will have a much better year with this tiny investment of time, and will power.

Are there other planning strategies you practice that could help others?