“A Mother’s Scorn” Comes To New York City, April 18th 2009

Trinidadian born play writer, producer, director, and actress Michelle K. Sydney founder of Prestige Production LLC  brings her dramatic and comical stage play, “A Mother’s Scorn” , to Brooklyn’s own Wingate High School, April 18th 2009.  After a successful debut in Bloomfield, New Jersey, this thought provoking play has captured audiences with a quick witted and clever satirical deliver which is not meant to overshadow the seriousness of the play’s intent…to bring to light  that sexual abuse  does not occur solely within low income communities, but the problem also occurs globally within affluent families and communities.

Caribbean theater has always been a wonderful and vibrant art form throughout the West Indies for many decades. However , islands such as Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and Barbados integrate stage plays into their cultures to a higher degree compared to other smaller Islands. Despite their similarities in theater these three Islands still differ in their own unique way.

The play “A Mother’s Scorn” is based on sexual abuse in an affluent family’s home in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. The play is powerful, enlightening, remarkably magnificent, and comical. It shows the reality that occurs in everyday life of people globally. Plus, it diverts the attention away from low-income neighborhoods that experience sexual abuse and domestic violence in the home due to socioeconomic problems in most cases. It reminds us all that when it comes to race, color, religion, power, wealth, and class sexual abuse and domestic violence affects all different kinds of people. Thus, affluent people experience the same type of abuse, but exercise the advantage to conceal their personal family issues due to money and power. Meanwhile, poor families are perceived as bait for the media, and this is why we hear more about their cases compared to affluent families.

In addition, the production’s cast members are a diverse group from Jamaica, Trinidad, Cayman Island, Puerto Rico, and America. Starring in the play is Yvette Sterling, Michelle K. Sydney, Anthony Lopez, Terry – Ann Brown – Forsythe, Nelson Njee, Chriscia Robinson, and Fernando Flores. The cast is extremely vibrant and talented on stage, and they proved themselves to spectators last summer when they performed in Bloomfield, New Jersey. They had audience members falling out of their seats with excitement, and now they are ready to do the same in New York. The production will be performing one show on Saturday, April 18, 2009 at the George W. Wingate High School, 600 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11203. Doors open at 4:00 PM, show time 5;00 PM sharp.

Come out and see the play you will enjoy every minute of it all. To miss it is a sin!

Event Details:
Date: Saturday, April 18th 2009
Time: Doors Open – 4:00PM Showtime – 5:00PM Sharp  

Location: George W. Wingate High School
600 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11203
Tickets: $25 In Advance / Special Student, Group & Senior Citizen Discounts Available!