Podcast Round-Robin Showcase – DJ 2nd 2 None

DJ 2nd 2 None a.k.a. “Ricky” was born and raised in Newark N.J.

He’s been a lover of disco and classic hip-hop ever since the RUN-DMC days in the early 80s. Back in 82-83 he recorded every Friday and Saturday at DJ Tony Humphries club master mixes live from the Club Zanzibar in Newark N.J., and on the station WRKS 98.7 KISS FM.

Ricky was also introduced to mixing during this time as well, perfecting his skills doing house parties and playing in neighborhood bars.

Currently he has converted his vinyl collection to digital (mostly due to the fact that there aren’t many vinyl distributors in Jersey), and he’s hoping to learn how to use beat making software to incorporate his own tracks into his mixing sets.

Click on the image to listen to “JERSEY V BALTIMORE V PHILLY” by DJ 2nd 2 None