Podcast Round-Robin Showcase – Papa Robbie

Talk about innovation!!

We had a thought…in Jamaica a ‘Round-Robin’ involves several DJ’s/selectors/sound-systems joining forces where each keeps a dance or ‘session’ that’s supported by all the others along with their friends and followers.

Well some podcasters decided to flip that on its head! Ten (10) of us formed a group and will spend the next few weeks promoting a new podcaster until we have gone through the list. Be sure to show your support.

This week’s podcaster

PAPA ROBBIE (Robert Ellington) is a native of Charleston, South Carolina. He’s a lover of history, politics and of course, MUSIC.

Papa Robbie graduated from the University Of South Carolina with a degree in Political Science and African American Studies. He has been performing dancehall reggae since 1993 and hasn’t looked back since! He and Drummie Zeb (former drummer for Bob Marley’s Wailers Band) were founding members of the RAZOR POSSE, a high energy dancehall reggae group. Papa Robbie went solo in 1995, and has opened shows for people like his musical mentor Yellowman, Shabba Ranks, Patra, Super Cat, Wayne Wonder, Ziggy Marley, Junior Gong (Damian Marley), Jimmy Cliff, Busta Rhymes, Outkast and The Fugees. His love of music is the reason he started his own podcast. He wanted to share some of his vast music collection with the world.
Well so far, so good. If you want to hear some of PAPA ROBBIE’s own material check out www.reverbnation.com/paparobbie

Click on the image to listen to Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley & Nas, Live in concert

One of Papa Robbie’s Podcasts – Jr. Gong & Nas Live!