Poem: 6PlusOne

Photo credit:  Rafael Barquero

I celebrate, I Am:

Yes, the day has arrive, I feel like I am thirtee5,

on a cruise in the Caribbean, sipping,

Mellow, cool wine:

6PlusOne equal: 6+0+1=7;

7 is the mystic number,

Total manifestation of the God-man:

The inner mother who nurtures,

Her inner and beautiful child,

To speak blessings, peace, love and joy

Over ‘eye,’ (I & I) and eye lives:

Today, I Am 6PlusOne—earth strong;

Asking the God of breath to send, cosmic vibration;

To uplift the spirit-woman and way beyond;

6PlusOne I celebrate your spiritual wisdom,

Blessing to the readers: ‘To each and every one!’

Empress Journee