Poem: A Different View

Photo Credit:  Belinda Fewings

There was a Rasta man I love

But I felt he did not love me,

He said not much

He did not much

With Him and I

Still, I hung in there

Hoping our love was true:

I did not know how to fight

For Him to show that I value Him

I did not know my worth

Even when his presence came off

Dismissive to my liking:

There was a Rasta man I love

Created no songs to my heart

That would bring great harmony

True revelation of his thoughts

True revelation of his heart

Still, I hold on to the dream

That was not real, of Him and I;

Together—not knowing,

Something was amiss:

Not knowing I am the pearl

I am the gift—that I missed:

Life journey proved that we both

Weren’t true, left my world

With a different outlook

With A different point of view

There was a Rasta Man I love

He is still present.

Empress Journee