Poem: A Dream Come True
Photo Credit: Nick Karvounis

Switzerland, China, Paris, Africa,

“Here I come!”

Bermuda, Bahamas, Jamaica, New Zealand:

Grenada, Dominica, Japan,

“That’s my poetic dream plan!”

Where great and powerful roots,

Songsters & songstress sing, some amazing songs:

With a marvelous view, magnificent ocean;  

The appealing, regal sunny island:

Touring places, sites, I’ve never seen,

A dream come true, lift the spirit, 

To move and dance: Switzerland, China, 

Paris, Africa, “Here I come!”

Let there be wonderful, people,

Dazzlingly lights, pleasant aroma;

Great music, serene, like the morning sun:

Uplift the soul, make everyone, dance, 

Dance, dance, to the melodic, sweet joyous,

Original Drum & songs!

Empress Journee