Poem:  A Forgotten Note
Photo credit:  Rinck Content Studio

I wait for you to write me every day:

A poetic word — song that elevate the soul,

Revealing precious truth, that brings, the mind,

Higher to its’ greatness of honorable love,

And grace, come my way: Your letter

Never reached my heart, I want to say,

Since you went away: I hear love songs,

That cool the fire, my heart that blazed;

For your infinite, love — only, to take me higher,

The smile, that touches my face, was the joy,

You brought, out, from within & in every place:

Now becomes a forgotten, a sentimental, note,

Mail, from the mystical man, that took my heart,

To another place: Winter seems harsh, long,

As I wait and wait; for your letter, that never,

Reach my eyes — my heart, even to this day,

The note that tells me, my presence, inspires you,

To become, greater and change, your ways,

To someone magnificent, every day:

I wait and wait, but it seems, life, someone,

Or something inspired you to stray, from my heart,

I say; as I hope pure love, find our heart each day!

Empress Journee