Poem: A Great Presence

I am in love with a presence, I am beginning to know

Who holds my heart, ever so gently, calm like the wind,

Mighty like thunder and let my love flow

I am in love with a presence, that brings joy,

Every season, autumn, summer, spring, winter,

And when I am low: Sprinkle white grace,

Upon the earth, my beloved snow:

Whisper to my heart, speak, breathe life into my center,

Joy in the morning, like a beautiful Christmas bow:

I am in love with a presence, the keeper of my heart,

The keeper of my soul, gives me hope, respect my spirit,

Love me so:  Share spiritual wisdom—he wants me to grow, ‘

His words shared graciously, “Don’t worry my friend,

Fret not thyself, “I love you so!”

Empress Journee