Poem: A Hallo-lies in Disguised

Photo Credit: Paige Cody

When you speak, it hurts my heart,

Bring tears to my eyes, like river falls,

Swallow all rivers of lies:

You inflict wounds, like thunder rage, in the sky:

You try hard to dismissed, the words that hurts,

The wrongs, you don’t even apologize:

When you speak, I see a broken child,

Dislike your presence, toxic, makes me want,

To run and hide: You reach out for a hug,

And deny, you ever said, what you said,

“Was that wise?” Deflecting from truth,

About all the lies:

You say, I am the one who demonize, your words,

Presence, have my heart ache and feel to hate you,

‘Maybe this is a lie!’

Reminding me of the lessons of my thoughts,

I too need to be wise—forgive you, forgive me,

To see you, as you are, “A demon in disguised!”

Let me move on, with a half-hated smile,

Instead of waiting on you,

“I do, apologize!”

Empress Journee