Poem: A Magnificent Peak
Photo Credit: Marián Matej

I watch the screen, of your beautiful, ice cap mountain,

“What a magnificent sight! Oh, marvelous,

It seems to be, serene, — stress free!”

I watch the dolphin stood, as if it’s posing,

For a moment, to show the grace, of a wonderful,

And pleasant divine being, and I think,

“Isn’t the Source, magnificent, and a powerful spirit,

Untouchable, that forms an exquisite, perfect,

Unique, colorful, wise, creation, like you and me?”

And I wish I was there, to see such beauty,

As long as God takes me and bring me, safely home,

In your arms gracefully; Then I think,

“God has been merciful,

And have given me plenty:

“Marvelous— the view appears to be,

Stress free! “And I thought, “Wow, God sure bless me,

To see, such snow-capped, bountiful, rich,

Prosperous — beauty!” Even if I am not ready,

Prepared, to walk, climb, those icy mountains,

The source sure made a way, for me, to see,

His grandest, greatest, magnificent,

And highest peak!

Empress Journee