Poem: A New Year 2022
Photo Credit: Eyestetix Studio

In the silence, your music play, expressively,

Fluently, strong, eloquently, minister to my soul,

Soothe the void—loss, of once were,

Gone — is to be:  In the whisper of the night,

I tell myself; I am that shining star,

Shining ever so bright, above the sky;

Touching oceans, that travel so wide;

Its beauty, cannot be hidden, from our,

Delicate eyes: Light up, the whole universe;

“You bet, overflow with joy, in our hearts,

And in our smiles!”

Pour out from the hidden places,

And peace will be closer,

"We won't have to say goodbye;

“This year, I embrace a new thought, view,

A new style and I sure hope, I'll be wise:

An enlightening, New year,

A change, for you & I,

Whether we are awake, or asleep;

Let our heart, beat songs of peace:

As we welcome a safe, day, evening,

And a restful night!”

Empress Journee

'Happy New Year 2022!!!!