Poem: A Poetic Mother’s Day Thoughts

Photo Credit: Jonathan Borba

Another day I breathe and exhale

As I lay on my sofa with poetic text

Flowing from love ones, acquaintances, friends,

And some I don’t even know

Wishing a great Mother’s Day celebrative

Thoughts of you and I:

Soon the day will be over, by the second,

Minute and hour and I will be here to myself

Commanding the best of myself

And visualizing that which I can be

Some will have exemplary titles,

Various entitlement, rewards, and gifts,

Beyond some wish to behold, in their blues,

In their dreams, on Mother’s Day 14, 2023

I paused trying to wake from the fatigue

That had me thinking, remembering that my gifts,

Is beyond the highest sky, the highest heaven,

That is promise to me.

Empress Journee