Poem: ‘A Poetic Mother’s Day’

Photo Credit: Priscilla Du Preez

Another day I live to see, ‘breathe, and exhale!’
I command this of me:
As I lay on my sofa with poetic text
Flowing effortlessly, from love ones,
Acquaintances, wishing all a great Mother’s Day
I thought to myself, I do not feel precious,

As I should be, life energy has depleted me:

Still, I can dream, soon the day will be over,

By the second, minute and hour

And I will be here to myself
Even when I feel life has cheated me:
I have learned there’s so much discipline

And game in order to succeed
On this Mother’s Day 14, 2023, I paused and reflect
The journey, the experiences, at times that puzzled me:
Trying to wake up from the illusion that I did not

Foresee: Trying to shake off the feelings of fatigue
And reminding myself of the song,

“God has surely favored me,”
To love and be loved even if it seems so unreal.

Empress Journee