Poem: A Precious King (dedicate to K.Jr)
Photo Credit: Gene Jeter 

I hear the voice,

Of the rising sUn, speak—sing:

He calls my heart, and remind me.

Of the greats that lives:

I wish to keep pushing forward,

Take flights higher than I ever think:

I hear the voice 

Of the rising sUn speak--sing:

Through the lows and high tides,

The rain, hail, snow, storm, the seasons, 

Summer, Autumn, winter, Spring:

He rises every season—reminding, all life,

There’s something greater, splendid;

To get up, and spread our mighty wings,

He encourages me to live :

In his silence, steps, to me, he is,

An example of a mighty, precious,

Powerful and wonderful King!

Empress Journee