Poem: A Romantic love Poetry

Photo credit: Carolyn V

If I could write a romantic love poetry,

I would dedicate it to you Black and White oppressors—despised the lies,

To tell you how I admire the way you speak, walk, play the wealth game, so graciously:

You inspire me to be somewhat like you—a genius, strong, brilliant, efficient, powerful and wise:

You have opened my eyes that my color is insignificant, no matter the lies, without support, wealth,

I’ll be assigned to a place that haunts me, repeatedly, reminding me of my greatest fear—being poor,

And the many souls that were genocide: If I could write you a romantic poetic love letter,

Black and white oppressors, I would thank you—that you’ve, allowed me to see my path and touched my broken

heart, an illusion, I had, that true love was here to stay; But it was only in my head—a fairy tale I once read:

You tore down my ego, and woke me up to face the truth, of my ignorance that there is no me without you:

You’ve push me to see the depths of my greatest self, and allowed me to reconnect, to the black soil of my sacred

Universe, The Divine Essence—The Ancient Mother, the lover of my soul,

That corrects, instruct and guide me back, to the truth of my roots—my birthright:

If I could write a romantic love letter, without a tear, my Black and White oppressors,

To live amongst you, as difficult as it may be—for me,

I know now, I have to be obedient, humble, wise and discreet,

For there are players that live and know the street, don’t care about boundaries,

When hunger strike, they are looking for fresh meat; roll a dice, work, hustle;

Starve, sell your soul, find away, they don’t care who can’t take the heat,

in a land that is rich—the home and the free: One must be swift and wise!!

Empress Journee