Poem: Ancient Mother

Photo credit: Aditya Romansa 

Ancient mother your absence is felt—way beyond:

I rise this morning to see the light and I remember when you held my hand;

Even when my heart feels void and it seems there are things, I do not understand,

I seek to find you, in scriptures that give life of the sun & moon, of the morning command:

Ancient mother let your sacred, holy spirit bless my heart, with your power, your truth and life:

Heal my womb, my psychic mind, with your therapeutic anointing oil—your magical wand,

—let my mind be like a biblical, poetic romantic-victorious songs;

That your chariots roll in various triumphs:

Ancient mother make a way for me, fellow humans and my love ones;

Let our steps be like a golden torch giving light—you the glory, honor and praise,

To the average, medium, high, white, red, black woman and man;

Forgive us of the slightest ignorance: Teach us how to pray with humility,

—respect for our fellowman;

Ancient Mother—you are the Shero that many may have dismissed, used,

Forgotten to write about, speak with finesse and elegance:

I thank all poets past, present that lead me to write this romantic love song,

So let these words carry wings to the four winds (East, West, North, and South),

—and give breath to all your children, Ancient Mother, once again;

Who gave birth, to a powerful and Great Nation—your lux-turious land!

Empress Journee