Poem: Angels Are All Around

Photo Credit:  Houcine Ncib

Listen to the southern revival songs

The poetic messages, the heart of memories’

Of hope, and take heed, that old

And young legacy lives on:

Reminding us all, that angels are there

To help those who have never felt love

Those who are in love, those who are broken

Those who are mourning a love one,

And those who, will, themselves to live on

Despite what they have done

Somebody or someone is in the wrong

Listen to the southern revival songs

To those who did not listen, take heed

Those who did not take care of themselves,

Who were wrong, lonely, afraid

When we hear the trumpet sound

Angels are rising all around

Listen to the southern revival songs

That teach the young and old songs

That they should and can carry on

That was and is still around.

Empress Journee