Poem: Another

Poem: Another

Photo credit: Johann Siemens

Another day, oh what a delight;

Another night—tedious, thank the Lord, you are by my side:

And for the watchmen, that patrol from morn until night;

Another passing into the light,

Another love that allow us to rise,

Another heartbreak that will pass by,

Another hope with his word that say,

He will stand by, never leave us, we are his child:

Another woe

Another tear

Another joy

Another promises, that seems won’t come by:

Another deliverance,

Another chance, to trust, behold in Christ glorious,

Faithful, Majestic presence, to hold us tight,

Free from all sinful ways, habits, to make things right,

Another thank you – to King Jesus, each day that God has restore,

An unworthy soul like you and I.

Empress Journee