Poem: ‘Aunt Mae’

Photo Credit: Anna

Aunt Mae, I miss your presence

Like the seasons, Summer, Winter

Autumn and Spring

The way you took your time

To prepare a meal, the way

You showed me, how much you

Love me, decorate the table,

—so brilliantly!

And celebrate holidays

With the family—joyfully.

Auntie Mae, I miss your presence

Your smile—that face, how you

Laugh so gently: I even miss,

Your firm voice when something

Need to be done—correctly:

Back then I knew not, that you,

And mother, wish for me to succeed,

In my journey, still, you are here,

My spirit guide—guide me.

Aunt Mae, I miss you, so dearly

Thinking how much your presence

Meant so much to me

So, today I just want to thank you,

I want you to know, I love you,

I appreciate you and that you

Meant so much to me thank you!

Empress Journee