Poem: Autumn Arrival
Photo Credit: Autumn Mott Rodeheaver 

i am waiting for the golden leaves      

colors of trees; I see on magazine
and big screens:
autumn leaves, golden, yellow, brown,
orange and green; that brings gently,
strong cool breeze:

I am waiting, for those golden leaves

that reminds me, of the season changes
how lovely and kind life has been to me:
i am waiting, to embrace, autumn trees,
autumn breeze, where temperature
begins to decrease; ‘Bloom richly!’
i graciously ask, the universe, 
for all to see:
let me be prepare for autumn
let me welcome the amber colors,
the cool breeze as some may predict,
as some may foresee—growth, changes
within all, “release those things
that does not serve me well, I plead!”
as I welcome, wonderful
and pleasant cool breeze
I whisper to myself:

I am waiting for the golden leaves.

© 2023 Empress Journee