Poem: Black Veil

Photo credit: Emiliano Vittoriosi

Once I wore a veil, to hide my shame,

I told the spirit of breath, ‘love’ hurts too deeply,

I carry burdens that was unseen: and I wish love would hurry,

And set me free, love was too unkind to every part of me,

So, I wore Black veil as a conceal, to cover grief,

Shame, fear, loss and unforgiveness, the ugliest flaw in me,

As crystal rain flow heavily: until the veil was removed abruptly,

As I stand alone, I saw my reflection staring right at me,

‘There, was the real—true me, I did not like what I see,

And I question, the depths of love that had me in a night dream:

Yet, I rise above the raging sea, for the spirit of breath,

Did not abandoned me; I have begun to feel, more peace, & worthy.

Empress Journee