Poem: Broken Love Speak

Photo Credit: Taylor Simpson

Our eyes meet and it was instant magic

Our love felt gentle, sharp, strong, taste like guinep,

Sweet, hard at times, until our heart feels

As if it has been broken to pieces

That I cannot count how many broken particles

Of heartbeat scatter through the distant of the cosmos

I won’t tell you; I won’t tell you to stay

Your happiness gives the planet more possibilities

That one day our creation will wear colors

That are rich and alive yet I will tell you, thank you

For the dance, your devoted heart, the birth of hope

And the breakable promises that you say you would

Never do. Remember, still my beloved I find you,

Mysterious, at the same time my heart misses

The fruit of your loving spirit; this is broken love speaking

Because you have taken me from a momento joyful ride

To an unknown space of blues where I found

The victorious inner strength to rise!

Empress Journee